Vacation Bible School 2017

June 19-23

9 am-12 noon (with optional Lunch Bunch until 1:00)


It is always a fantastic journey as we "travel" through God's countries learning about God's children!  This is our fifth year doing this curriculum, and the kids are still begging for more!  Each day, the children explore a country and learn what other children's lives are like in these other countries.  Through the week, we learn that we are all very similar, yet very different.  either way, God loves us all and we should love each other!

Each day, the children meet in the sanctuary for a brief introduction to the country they will be "visiting" that day.  Within that time, our silly, mixed up traveler, Mr. Goofendoofer, wanders in all confused and we need to help him on his way.  (The children love this silly traveler and always laugh at his mistakes..... in a fun-loving way of course!)

From the sanctuary, the "travelers" head to our Christian Education building where they have a lesson in the country of the day.  Our teachers do a great job of really making this lesson interactive and memorable for the kids. Through out the morning the kids will then have a physical activity with games pertaining to the country of the day as well as craft time and music class.  Each day brings the kids a new scripture that pertains to the country or lesson as well, in addition to our week long theme scripture.

Children recieve "Passports" which get stamped each day for the country they visit.  All in all, this is a fun-filled, educational week for everyone!

This year, we will travel to: Japan, Canada, South Africa, France and Argentina (These countries were sugested by last year's kids) 

Join us!

Please feel free to contact Jill Cook regarding any questions about our VBS. or call the church office on Tuesdays or Thursdays to speak with Jill: 610-933-6419

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