The Sewing Circle's Harvest Home Sunday on October 15th will benefit St. Mary's, Good Samaritan and King Terrace.  Please bring in a few non-perishable food items listed below between now and October 15th to help keep the local shelters' pantries full.  You may also contribute monetarily to Kathleen Wachsmuth.  Kathleen will take that money and use it when she shops for fresh items immediately before dropping off the goods to the shelters.

We will also have mums for sale after worship on Sunday, October 15th for $7 each.

Items most pantries are looking for:

Pudding Cups, fruit cups

Peanut Buttter and Jelly

Crackers, pretzels, chips

Pancake mix, ceral and syrup

Canned soup, ravioli

Powdered milk, juice boxes, small water bottles

harvest Home

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