On Sunday September 29, 2019 you are invited to rekindle your love for and connection to our church. We are going to celebrate our heritage and we want you to join us for this special occasion. Some of our current but 'senior' members are going to take us down memory lane.
We will worship together at 10AM and then gather in Fellowship Hall to get reconnected. We will share memories and break bread together- our menu will bring back memories of our famous Ham and Roast Beef Supper, albeit simplified!

Can you remember?
⦁ Uncle Jack's pants catching fire;
⦁ The great window debate;
⦁ The St. Peter's Baseball Team;
⦁ Who hand built the cross in the sanctuary;
⦁ Where the mythical Indian grave plot is located;
⦁ When our current sanctuary was built;
⦁ The connection between George Washington and our church;
⦁ What pastor served the longest; and, who is our oldest member.
Undoubtedly you have memories that you want to share.

A special invitation to our musical family:
Anyone that sang in our Junior Choir, we want you to relive the experience! We will gather all who ever sang in the Junior Choir (even the folks who were on Anne's bad list) to assemble during our worship service and sing together once again. Anyone that ever sang with our Senior Choir, you are invited to join with our current Choir members to offer your voices in a great sound of joy. Kat Bowman will lead you through music that will bring back great memories.
St. Peter's is far more than fond memories – we are an active and vital community of people still reaching out to help others. We want to share our good news with you. Please make an effort to join us for this very special worship service on Sunday September 29, 2019 at 10:00 AM.

We are trying to reach out to all who have had an association with our church. If you are aware of a friend or relative that we may have missed, please share this invitation with them and ask them to join you on the 29th. A special note to families that have raised multiple generations in St. Peter's. We need your help in encouraging your kids/grandkids etc. to join us for this memorable gathering. In many cases we do not know how to contact your kids or grandkids and are counting on you to be our messenger by extending our invitation to them. So that we can make sure that we have enough roast beef, please let us know if you and your family can join us.

Call the church at 610-933-6419 or send us an email at stpeterspikelanducc@verizon.net

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